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Jim Hills is a waterfowl management consultant who is the new authorized dealer of Gator Pumps in the Carolinas. He grows and cultivates banana water lily for the purposes of keeping ducks in and returning to your waterfowl impoundments and ponds. He also sells frozen ducks for retriever training.

Gator Pumps

Gator Pumps, the finest engineered high volume pumps in the country. These pumps pump water at the lowest cost per gallon!!! If you need to pump millions of gallons of water for your waterfowl area, do it with a Gator Pump and Save.
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Banana Water Lily
Plant banana water lily to attract ducks to your pond and they will return year after year. Banana water lily is the BEST, AFFORDABLE, LOW COST, NATURAL waterfowl food that once established, REGENERATES each year WITHOUT planting, fertilization, cultivation or expensive management. Banana water lily is the answer to a waterfowler's dream, a heavy producer of quality waterfowl food relished by all waterfowl as a preferred food source. Banana water lily is a natural wetland perennial that naturally regenerates, and needs no
expensive replanting every year. If you plant banana water lily in your pond, flooded impoundment or marsh the ducks will come, stay and return year after year. Banana water lily is also perfect for wetland restoration.
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Frozen Ducks
Frozen ducks for dog training. The ducks are mallards, 4 per insulated container in a shipping box, frozen with a 48-ounce gel-pak, and should arrive in two days and will just be thawed out and ready for use when you receive them.


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Dog Training Aids - FROZEN DUCKS!

Frozen Ducks are perfect for training your dog to duck hunt! Only $80.00 + shipping per pack of 4!


Jim Hills offers consulting services for Waterfowl Management Plans, Habitat Design & Implementation, and Wildlife Planting Advice.

Jim Hills with Gator Pump owner Dale Lemmons welcoming Jim as the new dealer for Gator Pump in the Carolinas.